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The Herzl Museum

The Herzl Museum in IsraelTheodor Herzl was a true visionary. And the museum that chronicles his life's journey does him, his vision and his work justice. The “new” Herzl Museum, founded by the World Zionist Organization in 2005, is a spectacular state-of-the-art museum that takes the visitor on Herzl's journey… a journey filled with turmoil, aspirations and disappointments.

Herzl has been credited as single-handedly creating the Zionist program. A complicated man with high aspirations, Herzl died at the young age of 44 after having devoted only seven years of his life to his Zionistic work. Many feel that the passion and dedication he poured into his work contributed to his early demise.

The original museum, which originally opened in 1960, offered glimpses of documents and artifacts from Herzl's life. But, it wasn't compelling enough to draw visitors, especially young visitors, to the museum. It lacked inspiration. Not so with the new museum, which opened after the passing of the Herzl law thus ensuring future generations become educated about Herzl and his Zionist vision that led to the creation of the State of Israel.

The new museum offers an audio-visual experience via a 60-minute presentation that makes the visitor feel a part of Herzl's journey. This enjoyable film takes a peek at Herzl's life and the political and cultural atmosphere of his time including the struggle to create a homeland for the Jewish people. The presentation is filled with tales of dramatic events including Herzl's address to the First Zionist Congress in Basel, Switzerland in 1897. The film features Lior Michaeli as Herzl and includes some behind the scenes footage of Michaeli being coached for the part that brings this legendary hero to life.

At the conclusion of the program the Museum gives visitors the opportunity to provide feedback about the experience. The reviews continue to be highly favorable and frequently include visitor comments on how they had never really understood Herzl until their visit to the Museum. And that's what the Museum strives for. They want everyone to leave with a better understanding of Herzl and to know that his message is as compelling today as it was 100 years ago.

Today the Museum continues to be a success with worldwide and Israeli visitors and gets around 80,000 visitors a year. At times the Museum also offers workshops and events for various age groups. Visitors leave the museum with a better understanding of Herzl and his dream, a sense of national pride and a motivation to get involved and continue the Zionist cause.

The Museum is located at the entrance to Mont Herzl on Herzl Avenue. In addition to Herzl's tomb are the tombs of Golda Meir, Levi Eshkol and Zeev Jabotinsky.

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