God comes to us in his own way when we open up our hearts to him. Everyone is different, so God will approach us as a friend and meet us where we are at. Often it is this meeting of Heaven and Earth that elevates our mind to really think about God’s nature and how our lives are more connected to Heaven than we think. Often times we go to scripture in order to learn more about how God touched our world. While the Bible is certainly the best map for understanding God’s story, it is also a nice bonus in life just to go a bit deeper into what said story felt like on Earth. That is why many want to go on our Christian tour to Israel; to see and touch the grounds and buildings that God worked through.


New Understanding

Whether intentional or not, we often view history as a somewhat “fantasy world” that is apart from our own. Notice how most historical or biblical movies do not look and feel like movies that take place in modern day. This is probably because things that we’ve never experienced for ourselves seem a little unreal to our imagination. But once you actually get closer to what it is you are reading, you might see that this is, in fact, real. Nazareth or the Weeping Wall might have felt unreal to you, even if you believed they were real. However, once you see, touch, and breathe in the scenery, you will have a new understanding of the weight the Bible carries in the world.


Lessons from Israel’s Culture

Another thing you can receive on our guided Christian tour through Israel is the little details of the country’s culture. There are so many tidbits of history that the citizens know and give to you as you walk the streets. You will find a whole new cultural perspective on the biblical/historical lands. When you walk where Jesus gave his sermon on the mount, you will have an incredible opportunity to worship and think about how Jesus affected the people of the world around him.


A New Journey

If you would like to further explore the land Jesus walked, please be sure to check out this Christian tour experience. For more information on our tours across Israel, please contact Israel Tours today. A new journey is ready to begin.

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