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JerusalemDavid Citadel Hotel in Jerusalem Israel

Located in Western Jerusalem on the prestigious King David Street, the David Citadel Hotel is a beautiful eleven-story horseshoe shaped modern statement in the heart of the Old City. Balconies look out onto the historic Tower of David and Jaffa Gate while the attenuated sides of the horseshoe design step down on both sides making it appear that the hotel is descending towards the Old City. Because of this unique design, each suite has a roof garden that adds to the overall ambiance of the Hotel.
The David Citadel Hotel is truly the gem of Jerusalem. Its location is within walking distance of the city’s most notable holy sites and cultural attractions. This hotel is a favorite not only because of its prime location, but also because of the quality of the facilities with unrivalled amenities and a top-notch staff that takes pride in serving guests from around the world.
Amenities include elegantly designed rooms, from guest rooms to suites. Also available are a wide selection of world-class suites with their own large private terraces overlooking the Old City.
Another feature of The David Citadel Hotel is a state-of-the-art Feng Shui designed Spa with both wet and dry saunas, 10 treatment rooms, holistic therapies and a variety of spa treatments. In addition to the Spa, there is a Gym featuring fitness equipment and aerobics classes. Add a pool on the roof that overlooks the Old City walls and on-site stylish lounges and restaurants and it becomes readily apparent why this hotel is noted for its amenities!David Citadel Hotel in Jerusalem Israel
Prime location and world-class accommodations and amenities make The David Citadel Hotel Jerusalem’s number one choice!

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