Spain might be a major Christian kingdom way back to the Middle Ages, but the country happens to have been a Jewish haven before that. It was only when in 1492 when King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella ordered all Spanish Jews who did not convert to Christianity to be expelled from the country. Many Jewish scholars agree that before that, Jews regarded their life in Spain as a Golden Age, an age when they coexisted in relative peace along with Christians and Muslims.

In modern times, Spain has been trying to revive the cultural heritage of the country, as well as its Jewish roots. As part of this effort, several Spanish cities have worked together in order to recreate a network called “The Sephardic Way.”

Among the cities that have joined this revival effort are Barcelona, Besalu, Cordoba, Caceres, Girona, Jaen, Hervas, Segovia, Ribadavia, Toledo, and Tuleda. Spain is seeking more cities to join this growing network, in order to provide the younger generation a chance to relive the Jewish life during the Middle Ages.

This vast network of cities aims to revive the lost Spanish Jewish heritage. Among the early efforts include restoring synagogues and Jewish Quarters. Plans for creating museums and cultural centers are also at the top of this revival’s priorities. These culture-oriented facilities will provide a deeper understanding of the Sephardic legacy.

On a Jewish heritage tour of Spain, participants will be toured along “The Sephardic Way.” Tourists will be deeply immersed into the vast cultural heritage of Jews in Spain.

It is widely believed that the easiest way to be in part with history is through its cooking. Which is why, aside from visiting centuries-old cultural edifices, tourists will also get to experience how their ancestors lived their daily lives. Among the proposed part of the tour will delve deep into Sephardi-style cuisine.

This proposal is widely appreciated by Jews from all over the world. It is an excellent way of not only reviving the old Jewish lifestyle but also an outlet for the younger generation to experience the culture.

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