Of all of the cities to visit at least once in your lifetime, Jerusalem certainly takes the cake. With historical significance to the world’s three major religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam), Jerusalem is a city that holds beautiful areas of historical, cultural and spiritual significance. No matter what your faith is, a trip to Jerusalem has something for everyone.


The Old City

One of the most unique places on Earth, the Old City is the crossroad for the world’s three major faiths. Covering 220 acres, the walled area is the original city of Jerusalem before its eventual expansion. Featuring many beautiful churches, temples, mosques, and gardens, the Old City is home to some of the most significant events in Human history. This is the land where Jesus was crucified, the Jewish Temple was built, and where Muhammad spent his last days.


The Western Wall

Inside of the old city is the Western Wall. The most sacred Jewish piece of architecture is not a temple nor a house, but a grand wall. The Western Wall of Jerusalem is the last reminder of the Jewish temple, which had precious religious and historical significance. It is the holiest site in the world for the Jewish faith. It was referred to as the Wailing Wall for centuries because of the Jews’ cries over the destruction of their temple. There are written prayers stuck in the bricks, as well as an exciting interior tunnel that can be explored. People of all faiths are welcome to come and place prayers into the wall.


The Dead Sea

While on your trip to Jerusalem, it would be a big mistake to miss out on visiting the Dead Sea. Otherwise known as the sea of salt, the Dead Sea is a naturally beautiful salt lake between Jordan, Israel, and Palestine. At 420 meters below sea level, the Dead Sea is the lowest point on Earth, and features many rejuvenating minerals. Known as one of the most enriching places to bathe in, this is a romantic spa that you need to experience at least once.


The Garden Tomb

Although debated as to whether or not it is the actual site of Jesus’s burial and resurrection, this is one of the most beautiful and well-preserved sites in Jerusalem. The Garden Tomb is a popular location for prayer and reflection. With brightly colored surroundings, this area offers a unique escape unlike any other in the world.

Although these four sites are wonderful, there is still far more to be seen on your trip to Jerusalem. The city holds significance in every corner of every road. It is always revealing new information to all who walk the streets, and will certainly offer something unique to your journey as well. For further information on visiting Jerusalem, please be sure to visit our weekly tours to Israel options. We also provide Escorted Synagogue Tours, as well as Bar Mitzvah & Bat Mitzvah Escorted Tours, each featuring Jerusalem visits.









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