Tel Aviv is one of the most iconic district cities in Israel. The first modern Jewish city, Tel Aviv is a giant melting pot of economy, technology, and bustling culture. What New York City is to the United States, Tel Aviv is to Israel. This magnificent city is definitely one you should not miss when you visit Israel. However, with all of the sights to see, it can get a little overwhelming for what to visit first. Here are the top 5 places to visit on your stay in Tel Aviv.


The Great Synagogue

The Great Synagogue

A landmark of Jewish history and faith, the Great Synagogue of Tel Aviv is an immensely beautiful piece of architecture. Currently located in the middle of the Financial and business center of the district. Originally designed in 1926 with an Italian-influence, the building was redesigned in 1969 with a more modernistic sensibility. Although prayer in the building has grown extremely rare, it is still a site of beauty that brings people from all over to see the display of faith through the design.


Escape Room Games

Escape Room

What is an Escape Room? Oh it is definitely something you don’t want to miss out on. An Escape Room is an active puzzle game where you and a few other people are locked in a unique-looking room and have to complete a mission I order to get out of the room. These games can put you in any creative situation, such as dreamlands, noir crime streets, haunted houses, dungeons, and even augmented reality! I bet you didn’t expect to find these when you planned to visit Israel.


Rothschild Boulevard

rothschild boulevard

Rothschild is an iconic commercial and culture center at the heart of Tel Aviv’s White City. This is the place for a good day out on the town. It is home to incredible skyscrapers, rich creative store and businesses, enriching restaurants, coffee shops, Theaters, and historical locations such as Independence Hall (the location of the signing of Israel’s Declaration of Independence).

Frishman Beach

Frishman Beach

Looking for a great Beach for a little unwinding? Try Frishman Beach, one of Tel Aviv’s favorite relaxation spots. With a diverse menu of activities, this beach is home to friendly waters, volleyball courts, lounging spots, bars and restaurants for your weekend pleasure. When you visit Israel in Tel Aviv, it would be a waste not to take your family to this piece of paradise.


Jaffa, Old City

Jaffa Old City
Last but certainly not least is Jaffa, also known as the Old City of Tel Aviv. Jaffa is a Biblically historic port city. This was the stage of several Jewish and Christian events featuring the likes of Jonah, King Solomon, St. Peter and Tabitha. A connection between Jewish and Arabian people, Jaffa is a wonderful tourist attraction for the city’s history, arts, and culture.

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