No matter if you are going on a weekly escorted tour or escorted synagogue tours, you should always pack appropriately. So when it comes to upcoming trips to Israel, you want to be sure that you have the appropriate items. So in order to prepare for your various adventures, there are a few general items that you should bring along the way. Here is a list of suggested things to pack with you on your various tours of Israel.



It is smart to bring your smartphone for the journey. However, be careful of how much Wi-Fi you use. The prices can sneak up on you. This is why Israel provides many wireless hot spots. You will also find free wireless networks in cafes. It would be wise to bring a charger for your phone and laptop. However, if you can’t bring a laptop, there are plenty of computers available in Internet cafes and hotels.


Dress for the weather

We shouldn’t have to explain how hot Israel is in the summer. The hot season lasts from spring to November. So if you are going during that time, be sure to dress as light as possible. Bring hats if you have them. If you are traveling during the winter, you won’t have to dress as light, but it also is not that cold either. If anything, be sure to bring raincoats since it is known to rain in the winter. And you will definitely need to bring some sunscreen for any trips to Israel. Sandals are also essential. But rubber shoes also work well for when you go walking in watery areas. Certain areas require more formal wear. For instance, if you are visiting the wailing wall in Jerusalem, you will have to wear a hat. Hats can be purchased while in Israel though.


Reasonable baggage

Remember, there is a limit to the mass of baggage carried by airfare transport. First class has a limit of 40kg. Economy class has a limit of 20kg. Business class has a limit of 30 kg. The maximum weight for carry-on baggage is 10 kg. This is good to keep in mind when deciding what to take. Suitcases for you and your family will certainly come in handy. However, you should also have lighter, more accessible baggage when on your journey. There are many fascinating and historical locations to trek, so having a backpack or fanny pack for your essentials will certainly come in handy. Again, only pack the essentials. Trips to Israel can get tiresome really fast when carrying a large backpack.



If you require any medication or medicine, be sure to bring it yourself. Any drugs are sold exclusively through prescription. If you have a written prescription with you, be sure to bring that with you just in case.


Recreational Items

It would certainly be wise to bring something to read while on the trip. There will be plenty of relaxing times available, so why not take in the scenery and enjoy a nice read? There will be plenty of cultural and religious literature available in the country. A notebook or sketchpad should also be brought along for jotting down images and ideas you gain along the tours of Israel.


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